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Posted 1 year ago

Learning Elvish!


AWWW YEAH BABY. Memorizing the letters so I can write in code. I know the script on the map of the hobbit in the beginning of the book. So elvish won’t be that difficult, right? Wrong. So many rules i have to learn with the letters. I’m so excited! :D

Would you like any help to learn that?

Posted 1 year ago

The Qenya Alphabet (by J.R.R.Tolkien)

Well, that image you see above is not a common image. It was done, written in ink by the very hand…

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Posted 1 year ago


Practicing my tengwar on handwriting paper (Y) It’s really helping me get all the tengwa regularly sized and shaped.

All of them are written with their equivalents, as well as their names (where applicable).

Very good calligraphy, sir!!! Great use of that kind of paper!

Posted 2 years ago


I’ve been working with elvish. :D

Would you like to learn how to write correctly using Tengwar alphabet?

All the words you wrote mean nothing! For instance: where you wrote Eruantion in Tengwar is written: fmprdcwms*w 


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For those who don’t read Tengwar, (Yes, that is LOTR elf language…) this is on my bathroom mirror and it says “I am stronger today than I was yesterday.”

Also excuse my mug.

For those who don’t read Tengwar (NOOOO…this is NOT a language, it is an alphabet!) 

AND if it’s written in Tengwar English Mode….some mistakes over there.

Would you like help with the real deal?

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I just looked up what Vulcan writing looks like and now I wish it’s how we wrote English because it’s so freakin’ pretty!

Indeed pretty nice! Check it:

Namárië (Tolkien poem) first verse translated to Vuhlkansu:

More? @

Woahhh that’s cool looking…

It is!

And you know what it’s the coolest part?

This alphabet is so intricate that its calligraphy is inhuman!

I cannot imagine a better one for logically enhanced aliens like the Vulcans!

Perfect creation!

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That is NOT how tengwar works. Tengwar are representative of sounds, not of letters specifically. Yes, there are certain tengwar that represent single letters, but there are certain letter combinations that have to be represented by a single tengwa, and certain sounds that have to be…


Posted 2 years ago
ABC, it’s easy in Star Wars!

ABC, it’s easy in Star Wars!

Posted 2 years ago


my first attempts at the elvish alphabet and writing my name (terra) and my dad’s name (robert)


No….don’t do that. Don’t follow that site who teaches this way. It’s wrong and inaccurate. Don’t go through that path…

Tengwar is not a simplistic codex which you can attribute 1 symbol for 1 letter of the alphabet and that’s it, you’re ready to go! NO WAY! There are so many details in it.

This is so wrong!

Posted 2 years ago


Write Your Name in Elvish in Ten Minutes (Click Thru)

Write your name in “Elvish” (There’s no ‘elvish’. Elvish is just an adjective) in 10 minutes, but write it WRONGLY!

Why, dear lord, this awful wrong guide is so well-known and indicated by people here?????

Posted 2 years ago


Write Your Name in Elvish in Ten Minutes (Click Thru)

So wrong….so inaccurate!!! Oh my…when will this bad source go away?

Study the correct thing: